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Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow

Dreamzie Ergonomic Memory Foam and Orthopaedic Pillow (60 x 40 cm)

Neck Pillow that Provides Support and Helps Reduce Neck Pain
OEKO-TEX® (25.3.0155 INNOVATEXT) and Certipur Certified
Bamboo Fibre Cover

MEMORY FOAM PILLOW (60x40x9/11 cm) – Our ergonomic neck pillow has a wave shape (one side is 9cm high, the other 11 cm) for proper spinal position : Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, it will help reduce your neck pain
SLEEP SOUNDLY ALL NIGHT LONG – Our Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow will give you the support you need to relax your neck, back and shoulders, and the cover is made of breathable bamboo fibre so you can : Stay cool and relaxed all night long
MADE IN EUROPE FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY – Our viscoelastic pillow is OEKO TEX® (25.3.0155 INNOVATEXT) and CertiPUR Certified (no traces of chemical products) and comes with a 30-day “100% satisfaction or your money back” guarantee
EASY CARE – Our orthopaedic pillow’s viscose bamboo cover (with a non-slip side) is machine-washable at 40°C and has a zip for easy removal : So you can wash it more often for a healthier pillow.
START OFF RIGHT – You can use our pillowcases or protective covers which measure 50x70cm – The distinctive odour of the memory foam may be quite strong when you open the packaging, but is completely harmless : allow your pillow to air for 1 to 3 days to remove this odour and then you can enjoy truly restful nights


drap house par dreamzieDo you want to sleep soundly and wake up without neck and shoulder pain?
✔ Look no further, the Dreamzie ergonomic and orthopaedic pillow can help !










Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow
✔ Whether you sleep on your back or on your side, our pillow can help release stress and keep you from tensing up while you sleep.
✔ Its wave shape with two different heights (9 and 11 cm) and its (40D) memory foam adapt to your needs and keep your spine aligned all night long, reducing neck, shoulder and back pain.
✔ Its cover in viscose bamboo and polyester cover is extremely breathable and easily washable: the zip allows you to remove it quickly and easily to machine-wash it at 40°C.








Made in Europe and Certified Free of Traces of Chemical Products
✔ Sleep soundly with peace of mind: all of our neck support pillows are made entirely in Europe and are certified by the independent labels OEKO-TEX® (25.3.0155 INNOVATEXT) and CertiPUR (there are no traces of chemical products present in our pillows).









Some practical advice
✔ Sometimes memory foam pillows can take a little time to get used to before you begin to notice their benefits (and can no longer sleep without them!)
✔ If the distinctive odour of the memory foam bothers you when you open the packaging, allow it to air for 24 to 72 hours.
✔ Give yourself at least 10 nights to break in your new pillow.









Are you worried that you won’t get used to it, or unsure whether that these pillows are for you?
✔ We understand your concerns, and this is why we offer you our “30-night 100% satisfaction or your money back” guarantee.

So go ahead and add our pillow to your basket!