Take care if your Dreamzie products

Written by La Famille Dreamzie


Posted on November 26 2021


How to read the washing symbols?

There are 5 different types of symbols on your labels

  • washing, tub symbol
  • bleaching, triangle symbol
  • drying, square symbol
  • ironing, iron symbol
  • professional cleaning, circle symbol


The symbol represents home washing, by hand or in a machine. The symbols vary according to the maximum washing temperature. Washing on a low temperature is always authorized.  

There are 11 variations of the washing symbol.

Washing at 95°C is intended for items which can be boiled such as cotton or white linen items, mainly.

Washing at 60°C has 2 categories: the classic process and the moderate process. For the moderate process, reduce the quantity to two-thirds of the total capacity, it is a more gentle process.

Washing at 40°C has 3 processes: normal, moderate and very moderate. The normal process is intended for dark colored items in cotton, polyester, mixed fibers etc. The moderate process for synthetic fibers, viscose which is found in lingerie, for example. For machine-washable wool, the very moderated cycle is recommended combined with a drum only one-third full.

Washing at 30°C is exactly the same as washing at 40°C and the same washing advice applies.

Some items are very delicate and sometimes require very gentle washing which cannot be done in a machine, we would therefore favor handwashing.

There is also a symbol for items that cannot be washed.


Symbolized by a triangle, bleaching is a chemical treatment to help eliminate stains or improve whitening. It can be done with products called active or not (""oxy"" type).

The empty triangle indicated that all kinds of bleaching are authorized for the product. The triangle with two slanted stripes indicated that bleached products are authorized but chlorine is not. Finally, the triangle with a cross over it indicates that bleaching is not allowed.


Drying can be done in the machine or in the open air, so there are a total of 11 possible variations. But let's focus on the most common clothes dryer symbols.

The number of dots in the center of the circle indicates the level of heat possible, the normal program is made up of two dots and means drying at 80°C with no restrictions. A single dot indicates a moderate program, i.e. drying at 60°C and a reduced drying time. If the symbol is crossed out, it means that the article cannot withstand machine drying.


The number of dots indicated the ironing temperature. The temperature must be selected according to the instructions on the label and not the type of fiber, which is sometimes shown on newer appliances.

The hot iron (three dots) corresponds to a maximum temperature of 200°C which can be used for cotton and linen. The medium temperature iron (two dots) has a maximum temperature of 150 ° C and corresponds to the wool, silk, polyester, and viscose settings. The low temperature iron (one dot) corresponds to a maximum temperature of 110°C, it is advised not to use steam with this setting. This type of ironing corresponds to polyacrylic, polyamide (nylon), and acetate. In some cases, ironing is not allowed and its corresponding symbol is a crossed out iron.

Professional cleaning

It can be dry or wet. The letters inside the circle inform us about the solvents that can be used and a line under the circle indicates restrictions.

Dry cleaning can be done using Perchloroethylene (symbolized by the letter P) or using petroleum-based solvents (symbolized by the letter F). Wet cleaning is symbolized by the letter W. If the circle is crossed out, this means that the use of solvent-based stain removers, or professional cleaning with water in the case of wet cleaning, is prohibited.