The specific dimensions of this ergonomic leg elevation pillow make it the perfect tool for relieving pains and heaviness in your lower limbs: back ache, knee pain and heavy legs

Once you’ve left it to rest for 24 to 72 hours after your purchase, the orthopedic pillow will never lose its shape: the memory foam makes it pleasant and practical to use every day or post surgery, incomparable to a pile of bed pillows

In addition to relieving your pains, the triangular cushion makes life easier for you thanks to its handle which enables you to carry it everywhere: form the living room to the bedroom and even when traveling, even better than a bed riser

The leg elevation pillow and it’s foam are entirely hypoallergenic, washable (at 30°C) and breathable, guaranteeing you perfect hygiene.


Housse : 40% viscose - 60% polyester
Foam: 100% polyurethane



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