Our ergonomic pillow 60x40x9/11 cm has a “wave” shape (one side is 9 cm, the other is 11 cm) to keep your spine properly aligned: Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, it will help to reduce your neck pain

The memory foam of our orthopedic pillow brings you support which allows you to release the tension in your neck, the nape of your neck, your back and shoulders, the bamboo fiber cover lets air pass: stay fresh and relaxed all night

It is made in Europe for superior quality, has OEKO TEX and CertiPUR certifications (no trace of chemicals) and benefits from a 30-day ""100% satisfied or refunded"" guarantee

The bamboo viscose fiber cover (with a non-slip side) is easy to remove thanks to its zip fastener, and is machine washable at 40°C: sleep on a clean pillow more regularly

The (harmless) unusual odor of memory foam may be strong when you open the packet: let your pillow air out for 1 to 3 days so that it loses this smell: restful nights for you


Exterior: 60% polyester - 40% viscose
Interior: 100% polyester



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