Size: 30x50 cm


Our 2 pillow protectors are 100% waterproof and very breathable: effectively prevent sweat, saliva and other liquids from touching your pillow, all while allowing air to pass, an optimum protection while staying fresh

All of our pillow protection sets are made in Europe for a low carbon footprint and are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (no trace of toxic products), benefitting from a 30-day ""100% satisfied or refunded"" guarantee and a 10-year warranty

Each Dreamzie pillow protector is hypoallergenic and benefits from revolutionary Bi-Ome treatment for complete protection against common allergens (dust mites, bacteria, mold, pollen, etc.): gradually forget about sneezing and tissues

The pillow protector fits perfectly around you pillow and can be closed easily with a zip: keep your style and add your usual pillowcases as if nothing has changed, knowing that your pillow is safe

Our Dreamzie waterproof pillow protector can be machine washed up to 60°C and can be tumble dried on a low heat: Never get your pillows dirty again


Top side: 80% cotton - 20% polyester with 100% cotton on the sleeper’s side
Lining: 100% polyurethane
Skirt: 100% polyester



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